The season has wrapped up, it’s time to start thinking about next year!


Every year, more than 1.5 million die-hard baseball fans travel to get up close and personal to experience their favorite teams. These avid fans stay in YOUR hotels, eat in YOUR restaurants, play YOUR golf courses, shop in YOUR stores and enjoy YOUR destination! the ONLY Guide that reaches these visitors BEFORE they make their plans is the Florida Spring Training Guide – the Official Publication for the Grapefruit League published by the Florida Sports Foundation. The Guide includes a comprehensive schedule of games, ticket pricing, stadium information, driving directions, autograph pages and area information – a valuable resource for ALL fans!

This is the ONLY Spring Training Guide distributed by ALL teams at their Florida stadiums AND to their fans in their home towns BEFORE they make their travel plans! It is also available at all Official Florida Welcome Centers, local Visitor Bureaus and Visitor Centers, Chambers of Commerce, hotels and select restaurants and retailers.


VISITOR BUREAUS First Right of Refusal

You have the first right to secure the page opposite YOUR team’s schedule and pertinent information – the perfect place to highlight YOUR destination.

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